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Disneyland Paris, located in Marne-la-Vallee, France, is a captivating destination that brings the magic of Disney to Europe. This enchanting resort is home to two magnificent theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, offering a wealth of entertainment and adventures for visitors of all ages. From iconic attractions like Sleeping Beauty Castle to thrilling rides, live shows, and beloved Disney characters, Disneyland Paris immerses guests in a world of imagination and wonder. The resort also features a bustling shopping and dining district, Disney Village, where visitors can indulge in delicious cuisine, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy lively entertainment. With its unique blend of European charm and Disney enchantment, Disneyland Paris promises an unforgettable experience that will make dreams come true for every guest.

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Disneyland in California is the iconic theme park that started it all, capturing the hearts of millions since its grand opening in 1955. Nestled in Anaheim, this magical destination is a true testament to Walt Disney's vision and creativity. Disneyland offers two distinct theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, each filled with classic attractions, beloved characters, and immersive experiences. From strolling down Main Street, U.S.A. to exploring the whimsical worlds of Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Adventureland, guests are transported into a realm of imagination and enchantment. With its timeless charm, nostalgic atmosphere, and a rich history of Disney magic, Disneyland in California remains a must-visit destination that sparks joy and creates lifelong memories for visitors of all ages.


Hong Kong Disneyland, nestled in Lantau Island, Hong Kong, is a magical destination that brings the beloved Disney experience to Asia. This enchanting resort features a world-class theme park that showcases the perfect blend of Disney storytelling and Chinese culture. Guests can explore the seven immersive lands, from the fairy tale enchantment of Fantasyland to the futuristic adventures of Tomorrowland. With iconic attractions, live entertainment, and beloved Disney characters, Hong Kong Disneyland offers a delightful escape for families and Disney enthusiasts. The resort also includes themed resort hotels, dining options, and shopping experiences that cater to every visitor's needs. With its captivating charm and unique blend of Disney magic and local flavors, Hong Kong Disneyland promises an unforgettable journey where dreams come true.


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, are captivating destinations that bring the magic of Disney to the heart of Asia. Tokyo Disneyland offers a magical experience inspired by the original Disneyland in California, with enchanting lands, classic attractions, and beloved Disney characters. Meanwhile, Tokyo DisneySea is a one-of-a-kind park that combines nautical exploration with imaginative storytelling, showcasing stunning landscapes, thrilling rides, and immersive experiences. Both parks embody the exceptional attention to detail and impeccable service that Disney is renowned for. With their unique blend of Japanese hospitality and Disney magic, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea offer a remarkable journey where imagination knows no bounds.


Shanghai Disney Resort, located in Pudong, Shanghai, is a breathtaking destination that showcases the perfect fusion of Disney magic and Chinese culture. This extraordinary resort features Shanghai Disneyland, a world-class theme park that immerses guests in captivating lands inspired by both classic Disney tales and Chinese folklore. From the majestic Enchanted Storybook Castle to thrilling attractions, live shows, and innovative technology, Shanghai Disneyland offers a truly unique and immersive experience. Beyond the theme park, the resort also includes the charming Shanghai Disney Resort Hotels, a shopping and entertainment district called Disneytown, and the tranquil beauty of Wishing Star Park. With its blend of Disney storytelling and Chinese flair, Shanghai Disney Resort offers an unforgettable adventure filled with wonder, joy, and the spirit of imagination for guests from around the world.

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